Monday, January 30, 2006

Back in the saddle again

This is going to be my prediction and I know I am not going to be very far off. My fourth offspring is going to be born on February 21st, 2006. You ask me how I know this? well it so happens that Stephanie is losing things everyday and the baby has dropped and now .... she waddles.... yes, you read correctly. and she can't go anywhere fast. She said I couldn't go into any other personal details but I am sure you get the point. This thing isn't going to make it to March. btw no, we don't have a single name picked out for either sex. You may waste space to give suggestions, but I doubt we will use any of them!!

The reason it will be one the 21st, is because each person in our family is born on a date with a 1 or 2 in it i.e. Tim 21st, Steph 1st, Kellen 21st, Lydia 12th, and Nolan 12th. This one is coming early and it will be on the 21stbecause the 12 is too early (we are not ready) .


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm so glad to hear the baby will wait until you're ready!
Aunt Nancy
(Sorry -- just couldn't resist.) Love to each one, and especially to Steph.

judeandelise said...

Great....does this mean the poor baby is going to be nameless for the first few days like Nolan was???? You've had enough kids you should have some spare names left over from them. Here is my list of names. I hope it helps...

BOYS: Levi, Holden, Gideon, Ichabod (just kidding about that one), Obediah (oh you guys LOVED it when Jake suggested it for our child!)Ranen (bible), Sachiel (another cool bible name), Zane, or Brynn

GIRLS: Willow, Violet, Sage, Ruby, Kezia, Jael (an awsome Bible story...look it up!), Iva, Ila, Chayil (Steph told me about this name along time ago. It is the word God uses to describe a virtous woman...there is a group called that at the Chapel!)

Okay, I know you said it would be a waste of space but I had to give me two cents. I love baby names.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am glad you left them I had forgotten about Chayil. We are blaming mom now about no names! She has our name book packed away in a box somewhere. Lame excuse I know!

I don't know about the 21st of Feb. That is a month early, but I am having alot of "signs" and feel very similiar to how I did before I went into labor with Nolan, so we will see. I think my body is just saying
"Hey I am old I can't carry these 9 lb babies for 40 weeks anymore!" :)