Wednesday, January 4, 2006

my job

Can I just rub it in a little and tell you how little I worry about my job? I had a two week break just as the teachers did. I went back to work yesterday and actually looked forward to it. I enjoyed seeing all the teachers that I haven't seen for a couple of weeks. And now this morning I while I am eating my bowl of Kix, I am reading a blog or two and I think "you know, I better look at the school closings page just in case" So After I post a comment or two, I swing over there and Lo and behold the first two schools I see today are closed. I really don't have to leave the house until nine o' clock if I don't want to. Man isn't that great?!?!

Now this, of course, has been the only job in which I look forward to getting up in he morning. I have been out of college and grad school since 1999. It has been a while. So just don't think I have always been employed at the best situations. I really didn't enjoy cleaning up nursing homes for three years. I tried to sell cars(stupid) and got fired. So it has been different, and I count myself lucky because it was only a couple times where I took the wrong job. That reminds me...Jake (click for Jake's blog)get as many offers as you can. You can always say no, and pick the one you think is right for you. If you only have one choice, it is hard to choose the right job that fits you. There have been many a time where I only applied to one job, and only had to choose from one job and it wasn't really a good fit.

So I am now done rambling on about my job, I will upload more pics for the slideshow. Which btw I only googled blog templates and that slide show come up and all I needed to do was copy and paste the code, and upload som pics. Finding exactly where I needed to paste it was tricky, but I got it.

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