Friday, January 6, 2006


Ok. We had a mouse die in our kitchen the other day and It started to stink.bad. Stephanie could not go in the kitchen for a day it was that bad. I pulled every appliance and every drawer, and cleaned out all the cupboards., and didn't find a single thing. I even looked under the house. And nothing. The stench was soo bad, I could not stand it there for a while. So Last night Stephanie cut up onions and garlic for dinner and instantly the smell was gone. and this morning I don't smell a thing. SO for future reference if something dies in your kitchen and starts to decompose, Then just cut up onions and garlic and it should take care of it. I am happy too, because it is the last thing I needed to deal with for this weekend. I have all the inlaws coming over for the last installment of Christmas. And I didn't need the smell of rotting, decomposing mouse flesh luring in the kitchen. Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunetly the smell is still there! It is not as bad but. . . I am scared to death I will pull something out of the cupboard and there will be the half rotted mouse! My vote . . no more poison let's get barn cats instead!

Justiene said...

I just wanted to let you know that it could be worse, I was cleaning out our finished attic and found a bat, yes a bat and it wasn't dead, the reason that this is worse is because they fly and towards your head at that. I wish it were dead, Ted took it to work and I am not even sure what he was going to do with it but some guy fell in love with it or something and took it home where it died in his pond in his basement... don't ask I dont ask either. Either way I thought maybe it is over he snuck in through this whole that we patched up, except one night I was staying up late to finish some laundry in the basement whe I say a flashing light or so I thought, my dog was in a cage down there and this comes into play. I bent over again to get the stuff from the dryer and thought I say the light flicker again, they I say the dog carefully following something with his eyes it was a BAT flying straight at me, I ran upstairs to get a friend who had been staying with us. He went downstairs and hit it with something and it hit the wall and fell on the ground and he thought it was dead...I knew better, he tried to scoop it up and put it in a cup and started to flap its wings and cling to the thing on top of the cup... it was like something out of a horrow movie. Even now I still wonder if there are bats in the house, and that was about a week ago.