Friday, December 9, 2005


OK Nolan went to the hospital this afternoon after going to the Doctor's office because he wasn't feeling too hot after a couple of days. The Doc at the office said it was Coop something or other I forget and then I pronounce it wrong anyway. I don't think it is anything serious, the only reason he was admitted is because the steroid shot that takes care of this thing has to be administered at the Hospital. So that is where he's at.

I just left there and now at my office to get some sleep so I thought I would post something. I didn't really want to go back home and then Drive all the way back into Huntington etc,etc,etc.
Nolan has an IV and had some bloodwork done, and has a PulseOx on his toe. His O2 level is normal and has been the duration he been there they are just monitoring it for precaution has had a couple of breathing treatments too the help the thing I can't pronounce.

It is funny because the entire evening he has been himself, trying to get into everything and see how everything works. They have a play room there which was helpful so he played until he had to get sticked a couple of times. He is doing fine really. I think he will go home tomorrow. I have no clue though it is just a guess. Pleas pray that this thing coop, corps, or what ever the thing is called would leave and he can breathe right again. That's all now I will post later.

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