Thursday, December 8, 2005

I am trying to keep up with posting this thing. I Find it hard because of work and wanting to go home and when I am home I don't really get on the computer that much. but I think three days is ok. So Paul and Linda finally have electricity. they got it monday, Paul moved his deck over too and last night they slept there. I think he set up everything in the bed room. We are just waitng on the ok to dig on the tower's land. I think we will get the foundation block up the first week I have off. If anyone wants to come help I am sure we will have something for you to do around here.....We will be in Ohio the 28-31 for Christmas with my family and all that. I hope to see people in Akron too. we haven't decided what we are doing while the kids are with my mom and dad. ok It is 6a and I have to go to my first school which is two hours away. TTFN

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