Thursday, December 22, 2005

Nolan is an early riser

Almost every morning Nolan is up at 630am. and he cries and cries until we shove something down his throat to eat. then he will stop crying to chew, and then continue to finish his first breakfast. Yes, I said first breakfast because he eats 2-3 a day. Now the older two children are not up yet and when they get up and get breakfast, Nolan will eat again with them. Then he needs to eat another breakfast about 10ish. and he just doesn't eat a bite of a banana or two each time either. that's the kicker. it's 700am now and he has already eaten two bowls of crispex and two bananas. no kidding. They are not the baby size bowls either, we have the bowls that have a straw built into them so he can drink the milk. If I serve him cereal inanything else then he cries and points to the cabnet.( he did this this morning). Now I smell him and nee to go change him. I asked him " are you poo poo? and he nods yes. He has learned to nod and shake his head for the right answer. it is really cute. now I must go and change the Stink

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judeandelise said...

How do you afford to feed him? That is funny. Glad to hear he is feeling better. Elise is getting better but Jude woke up snotting...