Monday, December 19, 2005

Nancy's is by far the best.

Ok It is early.... and Christmas is not until Sunday and we have extended Christmas in the Miller family( of course nothing in this family is done normal.) but Stephanie's Aunt Nancy has I think by far outdone everyone so far like I said its early ( Even Delilah, I say this, of course, to get even better stuff next year because D will undoubtedly step up to any challenge) I thoroughly enjoyed the album and even more reading about the history. It was very moving to learn and se everyone that Linda Sue and Steph have been talking about for years. I was actually crying on page three! But what the heck... I got home from work early and the family is out hiking(again) somewhere and I have some time to read and enjoy myself.

Thanks Nancy I really enjoyed it and will in the future.


Anonymous said...

When I got it all wrapped up, I thought, well, even if no one else is thrilled, I am. Tears and all (yes, here, too). And now it's "icing on the cake" to hear how it's being received. Don't forget to check out a couple of things on the CD I mentioned but didn't print out. I think you'll like them, too.
Aunt Nancy

judeandelise said...

You make me sound so competative. I am so glad you guys finally got your gift from Aunt Nancy. Now I can call and talk about it. My gift doesn't even come close this year.