Sunday, December 18, 2005

Man what did I start?

Ok When I tried this blog thing I didn't think it would spark this whole "blog craze."Let's see now since I started this thing (84 posts ago) 9 People that I know have started their own blog which I think is pretty cool. No I know it has been because of me, but maybe it has. Anyway I will list them on he right if you interested. They are all interesting that's for sure.

It s 430am and I can't sleep. I woke up with a headache and Christmas lights in the living room shine right into my eyes. I took something for it that I can't spell at 430 in the morning ibroproh something or other anyway you get the point Everything down here is going well. Paul and Linda have been in there own trailer for a while now and it has been nice to have my own space back. Don't hear what I'm not saying, it wasn't that bad but after a while it gets to you and you need a break. Yesterday Steph and I and all the kids took a hike and went around the ridge and then down into the holler and then straight up to the house. It was really fun we played in the creek and everyone was wiped out. That was really nice. Kellen and Lydia were not fighting and when I asked Nolan if he was ready for night night he just nodded his head politely and I put him to bed.(after his weekly bath)Oh he get two baths a week because he uses his hair for a napkin. The other two can survive with just one or two also which leads me to tell you why because most kids get more than 1 or 2 baths a week. We are having our water trucked in every week, and it gets expensive($40 each time) some times it is less than a week, so we have to try to conserve I emphasis try. And yes Stephanie and I do not take a shower everyday I try (again emphasis added) to because I actually leave the farm to go do something (work). Now with Paul and Linda it is a much different scenario. The come from having jobs that have ALL their living expenses paid for, so conservation isn't coming very easy (they will say they do, but I not so sure). i.e. They Have to have a shower Everyday no matter what. Now Paul is working outside in the mud(another blog at another time) and I can see if you get dirty, you need to clean up. Not a big deal but funny to talk about.

when I am typing I get the feeling that It comes off as REALLY stereotypical West Virginia. And it could be. But you really have to get down here to really see for your self. I would have it any another way.

Another note My good friend Josh Pomeroy starts his new job Monday at Mullet Cabnet in Millersburg. Josh has been with HCSG ( my old job) for longer than I can remember (4-5 years) and has been through everything you could think of. But now things are changing for the better. That old job was a lot of work for not much reconition to say the very least. It was hell really.I could not say much good about it.(Yet another blog).

Now if you are still reading you have got to be thinking "will he ever shut up?" because this has been the longest blog I have ever typed. I have no distractions(although Stephanie will getting up to pee and tell me to go back to bed which I will)and I have somewhat of a clear head.
I thinks that's it. There she just said what are you doing? And I will spell check and hit the sack.

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Justiene said...

I know I just started to read your blogs but that is because I am new the whole thing, I really appreciate the advice on my blog. I wanted to let you know that I actually want to live the life you have, well maybe not actually to a T but close, I want to live closer to nature so to speak and get out of the city life for awhile, I love to go off roading and hiking and all that...