Friday, September 9, 2005


Ok I will try and update more often. I can't promise you anything but I will try. I miss everyone up in Ohio. The last three weeks were ok because I was coming up on the weekends. But now I am down here forever! I still haven't caved in and gone to church. And the thought of going down here just rubs me the wrong way. I will try. But when you have all the work to do on the double wide it sure seems to get in the way. And I need to get in my own house now as Miles and Ashley are coming this weekend. So it will be a grand total of Tim, Steph, Kellen, Lydia, Nolan, Paul, Linda, Eric, Miles, and Ashley living in ONE single wide trailer in a west virginia trailer park. Yeah. I am looking forward to that. Paul just called me from the hospital and he is doing well he had another heart cath put in that he knew he was going to have put in when he was living in NC.

Ok here is the big info that you will need if you ever want to get a hold of us:

618 BlackBerry Lane
Ona , WV 25545
My Cell number is 304.521.5144
Steph's cell has Not changed but will in the future.


delilah said...

Hey Tim, Jake, Jude, Elise and I want to come visit this week-end. Do you have room for us? Let me sounds like fun.

delilah said...

Oh yeah, don't forget Monet, too. Paul really wants us to visit, you know.