Thursday, August 11, 2005

Going fast now

Ok long story short I have not been able to get on a computer that has broadband for a long time. I have come to the conclusion that dial up is the enemy and must be extinguished forever. I couldn't even open up the new switvhfoot page because flash could not load fast enough. I had to download my palm pilot software to another computer and it took 1hour and 30 minutes... This was ridiculous. So back to life I spent my first week here at West Virginia getting the bull dozer unstuck(which my brother Mitch could not understand how or why we could have gotten the thing stuck."You don't get those things stuck") Then pulling down trees and clearing land so the double wide could come in.

So that was the first week and at the end of the first week I got a call saying the my step mom died that week and the calling hours were that weekend and all that. So Steph and the kids drove down to meet me and we went to Virginia and spent the weekend there and then came back to the trailer. I did not go up to Ohio that weekend and Steph packed all my stuff, and brought it down like a good wife should.
So Now we come to the start of the work week again. Second week down in God's country and I could not say one bad thing about my new job. Really. I really love what I am doing now. I am in sales, but there is no pressure, really. I go in at the busy season and it is all downhill after Oct. I was saying how I couldn't get my palm pilot because of the weekend and she gave me the Fed EX number and said" Here have you wife ship it overnight so you can have it." wow that was nice. Everything that I have experienced in this week was everything I thought it would be and better. That said I need to get back to work. I will have more pics available later. I am busy working.,,


Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are going well down in W. Virginny (home of the 1-tooth virgin). Sorry I didn't get a chance to say Goodbye, but give me a buzz when you're in town and we'll hook up.


Applehead said...

A Good wife should? You better watch it buddy!