Saturday, July 30, 2005


ok I am done with all my jobs in Ohio now and I am starting to work on the land in WVA. It does feel wierd. I am trying to relax. I am and those of you who know me know I can relax. but I'm not. not now at least. I saw my double wide that I bought sight unseen last week, and it is almost an upgrade form my apartment in the hood. almost. I think I will enjoy it for the most part. I am starting to get uptight about the speed in which things move down here it is SLOW. period. that's is the only way to describe it. So I need to start clearing land wher they are are going to move my double wide in and I haven't gotten to it yet. there have been other things that have gotten in the way. I am also not too thrilled about being down here while Stephanie is up in OH packing and trying to get things down with three and half kids. that's it really. Things will start to settle down a bit I think later. but now it is not. I start my new job Aug 8th and I am excited. the nursing home called me on friday to ask me a question and I did not return their call. I don't feel guilty whatsoever.

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