Wednesday, July 6, 2005

West Virginia Vacation

Ok I have gotten back from the long and crazy working weekend. I worked on the water line Sat and mom all day we put in a total of about 1200 feet of line which isn't too bad. We hiked around a bit and Paul found a box turtle on the road for Jason and Jessie. The kids were excited to "work" at the land and Kellen was really wanting to contribute, but after Sat when we worked most of the day, he decided that work wasn't everything he thought it would be, so after an hour or two of "working" on Monday the was done and played and found something else to do. He came back and forth checking up on us throughout the day. He did really work Sat when it was just Paul and I Digging. He was feeding me the pipe and I was laying it. He did really well that day, but that really knocked him down the next two. He really didn't want to do anything else but hang out and rest a while those two days. Lydia helped out sat too and then pooped out he next two days.I got to run the bull dozer a little bit too and that was fun. This weekend sure gives you a dose of reality about how long the process is getting things in order just to get a trailer there. I am sorry there are not pictures yet , but I will have them up asap. It is always good to go down there, when I come back up here in Akron things are really brighter and louder. And I don't miss that.

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