Friday, June 24, 2005

A long week

Man has it really been a long week. My brother in law's new wife of like, one month threw him out of the house Sunday night he had his kids then drug them around to all his friends until we(Steph, Jake, Paul and Linda) texted him so much he finally came around. You are getting the short story not the long one, you'll thanks me later... So anyway he has to chose if he wants to move to WV now at the end of August, or wait it out and try to look for a job while he still works up here.Steph and I say to just go down and find one there, and not to bother looking on your days off while you're up in Ohio....

On to bigger and better things...

I received my new electric guitar on Monday and man does it play nice. You know when you play a nice guitar when things you have been practicing just flow out and you have No problems playing what so ever. The two humbucker position is fat, I mean REALLY fat. I like a lot to say the least. Just Weds I was able to plug it in and turn it up really loud. It was SO nice. It does sound good, play good, and look good. Not bad at all. I am leading worship this Sunday so I will get to test it out then with the band. Oh and I am now just starting to tweak my amp, with each amp model, it gets better and better each time I play. I am really happy that I was patient and waited for the right timing.

that's all for now. I think I am finishing up the apartment this weekend and I don't think I will quite get it finished because I am helping Starr move her stuff Sat. Jason is helping too so it should be good I think Jake is going to help too. It will be good for him. Ok later

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