Thursday, April 7, 2005

Another hard week

Again I had another hard week (and still having ) at my day job. I 'm middle management, so I'm really getting pressure from both my bosses, and from my client Is the same thing really as I have said in my previous posts. But I am hanging in there.

On to other things that are a little more fun to type about, I have a good friend who just happens to have the same first and middle name as my wife Stephanie Lynn, that's not the only strange thing either. Both Stephs are exactly the same personality types. And Luke (the other Steph's husband) is the same as me. So it is really strange talking to steph at work and steph at home..... funny though.

Anyway I turn 29 this month and I when I think about it it's hard. I mean I will be 30 soon.....Its just hard to think about. I hear it all goes down hill when you hit thirty. What is "it"? What goes downhill? I am done thinking about stuff to write.

until next time..


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