Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today Stephanie took the kids shopping today, and then took me out to eat at the golden corral. As we pulled up and parked two school buses pulled in and unloaded. They took up the entire left side if the restaurant. I had never seen anything like it at all. We stayed a little bit after they had left, and the entire side was demolished. It looked like a city after a hurricane went through. I just smiled. Vivian did leave kicking and screaming beacuse she wanted more ice cream. She didn't kick and scream for long though.

Yesterday, while I was at a school talking to a band director, I mentioned that one of my friends homeschools. Just as I said that, the choir teacher walks in and says, "Oh, I hate homeschoolers, they're horrible!" and walks away. The band director and I started laughing becuase she obvisouly did not know that I too homeschool. After the class ended she came back in. Now She and I have a good relationship, so I was excited to razz her about it. When I told her, her eyes got SOO big. I laughed so hard. She felt bad, and I told her I was happy to know some one else besides me talks before they think.


Anonymous said...

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Tina said...

That's funny! You certainly were gracious about it!