Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nolan Bday Sheep and Vans

Happy Birthday Nolan! He is 5 already. I can't believe it. I am old. Kellen gave him a sword and shield. Making it out of an old metal trash can lid and a dowel rod. He even painted it metallic silver. I heard a rumor that we might be getting another wii game as well. That's not a bad birthday at all.

Saturday, we sheared all the sheep. I think it went well. we were all tired after that day's work. Sunday we ran more electric fence to start rotating the sheep in pastures.

Yesterday, the homeschoolers thing made it into the local paper. You can read it here.

Worked on vehicles this morning, Have to replace the motor mounts and and transmission fluid in the '95 plymouth Van. We rotated the tires and pulled the brakes on the work truck.

As far as the gardening is concerned I have done nothing but haul manure. The early garden has been producing lots o' lettuce, and radishes. but the ducks ate all of the snow peas. We did contain the ducks. It should be easier to find their eggs. Oh, and one of the hens are sitting on her nest. I will try to update you more often.


Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Nolan!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY To our sweetie Nolan, you are one of a kind!!!!
Love you, G and G