Friday, April 17, 2009

Wii Music chicks washers budgeting science lesson

One of my teachers I call on let me barrow his Wii Music. It has been fun and I would recommend it if you were thinking about buying it. Stephanie say she hates to play music theory with me because I can't help but tell her the right answers. I get all the answers right anyway, I should too, I paid some serious cash(college) to know this stuff. back to the pros, instrument playability is very smooth for any instrument. It makes it s easy at first but then when you get the basics down you need to incorporate the buttons to do glissandos and arpeggios, etc. You can create your own music videos and create your own CD jackets and share them online. The more you play, the more instruments and songs styles you unlock. I have enjoyed it. I think you will too.

We have had the chicks for a week and have only killed three. They have changed a lot in a week most of them have tail feathers and wing feathers now. They are still cute.

With Stephanie working at The Cracker Barrel, we don't see each other much in the evening. We have to finish our budget but we are not ready to work it out both at the same time. She kept me up last night talking so I didn't get on the electric fence that I wanted to finish. Maybe I'll finish it tonight.

Do you twitter yet?

Click here to learn something new today. I did. Pretty cool.

Falling asleep during jury duty is one way to get out of it.

I bought Stephanie a washer for her birthday. Not a good idea you say? I am just taking after my father in law. One year he bought his wife a washer and dryer set for their anniversary... Lets just say that wasn't a good idea.I really didn't get it for her birthday, it just happened to be bought close to it. I bought her a Maytag Neptune top loader. the thing is computerized, and she just washed a sleeping bag and it was not even full.

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Happy Birthday!!!