Monday, March 9, 2009

DST Goats Mike Rowe

When did I last post? I don't remember. I could look at my dashboard and see. ok March 3rd. It seems longer than that. This past week went pretty fast. Friday I went home early because I had to go to Marshall for another band festival Saturday. I say it begrudgingly, because this was the second weekend in a row I had to go schmooze at a school. Don't get me wrong, that's my job, and I am paid hourly. and I enjoy it, but it would be nice to spend a full day at home...
Friday I went home early, I also sold the Subaru. I have been trying off and on to sell it for a year. Finally the right buyer came and liked it. It is a nice chunk to the savings.

Saturday I spent half the day at Marshall, then came home and worked on the farm. I have been trying to write this post for 3 hours now doing work at the same time. So things are fuzzy. I have been on the phone with the big boss for an hour working up figures for another school.

Sunday went to church, and then planted the garden and brought back the new goats to introduce them to the herd.

Here is a good video that Scribbit let me in on. It is Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs.


Anonymous said...

Check out Mike's new mission at!

Kokopelli said...

Just incredible, Tim!