Tuesday, February 3, 2009

amish country pig trombones

Still busy. the pigs were born last Friday. The barn is still a work in progress, but coming along rather nicely. If you are interested, we are selling the feeder pigs now, they are now ready email me if you want some yummy pork.

Stephanie guest posted today over at Scribbit. She shares her Amish country travels here.

Sunday we all got together to cut, chop, and split fire wood. Kellen wanted to try his hand at splitting wood with an axe. He did very well, I even let him use the maul. He split the pine stuff fairly easy, then moved up to oak, and split that with some more elbow grease. I was rather proud to pass some of my masculinity to the boy. I had another proud moment yesterday at band. At the beginning of one piece, the trombone section starts out by themselves. It has been a rather hard task for the four of them to hit the right note all together all the time. Two of them were talking while I was trying to start the piece, and Kellen came right in on the right note. It was satisfying to hear. I did tell him that after band, he shrugged it off like a pre-teen would. He does really well with it.

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