Friday, January 2, 2009

Homesteading goals, part one

Phelan posted her goals for this year. So I thought I might as well too. Here is where it get hairy. Stephanie has goals, Tim (me) has goals, Paul and Linda have goals. The process of which they all come together is what I would define as living on the farm. Right now we have a number of projects we have started, but have not finished: in no particular order, trust me...
  • Pig barn
  • High tensile wire fencing around about 60-70 acres 
  • Chicken coop/storage barn 
  • Birthing lambs (any day now) 
  • Birthing goat kids (with in this month)
  • Birthing piglets (within this month)
Things on the list to be done, again not in any particular order..
  • wean four calves (cow)
  • butcher the whether (castrated goat)
  • butcher the pigs (we have about 20, will send them to the butcher, not do it here at the farm)
  • build a smoke house for the aforementioned pigs
  • build a maintenance barn 
  • buy more chickens
  • plot a new garden for perennials (asparagus, strawberries,any thing else my wife has got her hands on)
  • work with biscuit, our horse, he needs some quality one on one time.
There's the list I can think of. Please feel free to add or subtract from that list, fellow family members. I am sure I overlooked something 


Phelan said...

You guys are not planning on butchering out one pig yourself? Have you done it before? I think it is your turn to do something first so I can learn. You git two weeks. ;)

Stephanie said...

Ah there is making our tub into a seed starter, finishing the work started on the house and deck, the dirt piles, a spot for blueberries....the list never ends....