Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It is December already, and we haven't slowed down much since August. Between school starting and rental season, then deer season then harvest, I don't get much down time. We cut down our Christmas tree last weekend, and have most of the decorations up. The kids are enjoying it. I enjoy watching the kids grow up. Each one of them have their own personality. Vivian is coming into her own it seems,  while Nolan, who I thought would be a handful, has found respected his boundaries quite well. (I did have to spank him this morning for shutting slamming Viv's finger in his bed room door. She was fine just a small cut. Just another adventure. Kellen is busy helping out on the farm and starting science projects, like creating electromagnets out of household things he can find. Lydia is now reading music, and probably start the trumpet next year. I would like her to start piano but it is not convenient. 

Terry bagged a button buck this weekend and we cut it up pretty quick. I still haven't seen any deer to write about. I did take his 25.06 rifle out Saturday. I felt like a sharp shooter with that thing. It had a scope that you could dial in at 400 yards if you needed to. I sat perched upon my rock, scoping out the hill on the other side of the holler. It felt good.

The upside of staying busy right up until January, is that I was the leading salesman at the store for November (2nd under the big boss if you combine both stores) and I thought I took a pretty big hit compared to October. We shall see, I have 10 drum sets I can sell, plus two clarinets, an alto saxophone and a Bari sax that are leads right now. I should know an answer for all four by the end of next week.

There have been many blogging giveaways this week for the holidays and it is not very hard to enter. Michelle has a forum where you can check things out. Amy at momadvice.com and Jenn at frugal upstate are just a couple that you can browse at your leisure.

We try to take advantadge of the free redbox codes every Monday. I rented Cloverfield last night, and I vowed I will never rent movie when I am hungry and grumpy. I never rent good movies when I rush through things and last night was no exception. I even missed the part where you are supposed to put in the free code and ended up paying for it. (It is only a $1.05, but I was mad at myself anyway.) I didn't really like Cloverfield. But after watching some of the extras and being reminded how many people it takes to make a movie, I can respect the fact that they tried. The movie was too predictable, and almost contrived. I wouldn't bother watching it, even for free. It was all handheld, luckily it lasted only 1:24, so you didn't have to endure it long. 

I saw the trailers for the new Star Trek movie that comes out in May, and yes, Stephanie you can roll your eyes now, I am excited. I won't bore you with any more talk of that, I will talk about this movie instead. It stars Gerard Butler who you will remember, if you are a woman, from P.S.I love You (which I only went to see, because it starred Harry Connick Jr. oh, and my wife dragged me) and, if you are a man, from the movie 300. Anyway  you will have to wait until April 3rd to see it in theaters. I say all of this but yet to have seen Quantam of Solace. Which I will wait and rent it for free when Stephanie has no say in the matter....

If you find me entertaining, to say the least, you can follow me on twitter, I always have more to say on there. I generally update you two threes times (or more) throughout the day. Yes, this has been a slow day. Thanks for catching up with me.


Scribbit said...

"Terry bagged a button buck this weekend and we cut it up pretty quick."

Don't know why but that cracked me up. :)

I haven't seen the movie either yet, we've been too busy and I'm starting to go into withdrawals.

crystal said...

I haven't seen QOS yet (prolly won't until it's rentable) but I've talked to a few who really didn't like it. They all said they didn't like what's his face as Bond tho. I really liked C.R.. I love the "human factor" that they allowed to seep in. Not that I don't like parachuting while riding a motorcycle but I do roll my eyes a bit.