Friday, November 14, 2008

TV isn't that good.

If you read me often you know this already, but I don't think TV is worth much. Do I watch it? Yes. Every night? No. Just last night Stephanie wanted to watch tv and I wanted to read my book (Clear and Present Danger) I argued that there wasn't anything on worth watching, and she argued that she wanted to veg out and not read and fall asleep after reading for an hour. I didn't argue with her and let her turn the tv on. She then turned it off after ten seconds and picked up her book. I say all this because NBC cancelled My Worst Enemy. I watched two episodes I think, and they were far better than knight rider, but still not great. I watched 1/2 an episode of knight rider and turned it off.  I remember saying earlier in the fall that My Worst Enemy was going to be bad and cancelled before the year was over because of all the hype it was given, and all the commercials that were played almost three months before the premiere. The more the hype, the worse the show. That is almost always true. Stephanie would argue that each time she watched heroes, she gets even more confused. I enjoy it because of the sci fi factor, I still think it is a glorified soap opera just like most dramas on tv. oh, and just an FYI, we are not in a hurry to get one of those digital converters that are being advertised we shall see. Will we really go with out tv?!??! ever?!?! We shall wait and see.

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crystal said...

I've prolly only watched an hours worth of TV this entire month. Probably under 20 hours in the last year. I'm not kidding. The kids only watch what they DVR because they hate commercials.
I hate the TV. I may pick up watching LOST again when it comes back on.