Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday nightrn

Today I helped move some furniture, and was treated to ihop. I then went home and butchered three roosters and four ducks. It will be nice to wake up to one rooster crowing instead of four. We had Miles and Ashley and Micah over and ate dinner while we watched Fiddler on the roof.The kids made it through ok,It is a three hour movie.Kellen had all kinds of questions. That wasn't anything unusual. I have people begging me to play on the worship team at church. I am holding out for the big bucks though.( not really I am not ready for the weekly commintment.)

Speaking of big bucks, I just read the report that the Yankees are throwing cash to CC Sabathia. I am both mad and happy at the same time. CC deserves the attention, but it could be from anyone but the Yankees...

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