Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Down chi-low!

If you haven't heard or read Herb Score died today and I think I am getting emotional about it. I do feel bad when someone dies, but I don't cry about it...I think the reason I am emotional because when I think of Herb Score, I think of all the broadcasts that he did, while I was growing up listening and watching the Indians lose. It took me back to the days of going to Municpal staduim and dad listening to the game on the radio while watching it on TV becasue he couldn't stand the TV announcers. Herb said things wierd like down chi low ball 4, and many other phrases and sayings.  RIP Herb Score.

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Anonymous said...

Nice little tribute to Herb son. It also made me think of all those games we went to but I had forgotten those funny sayings he had until I read your blog , thanks for reminding me. Mom