Friday, October 31, 2008

This week went fast, did it not?

I think it did. Did I mention my new favorate band is Anberlin?

This weekend will go fast too. I will try to get some hunting in and I will also be driving posts for fence. Haven't you been installing fence for a while now? You ask? Yes, we have and we have some more to go. We have the bottom part ran in the woods where it is the hardest. The easier part is coming now. After that we will be able to run the cattle here closer to the house. 

The Homeschool co op that we belong to is coming to the farm tuesday to enjoy the wonders of a farm.... My co worker who has been to my house just once before, asked me "who's flyin' em in" He thinks we live out in the middle of nowhere, and he's right, we do, but I don't think it is that far out....When I look at the satilite picture there is only a driveway that leads to us, and nothing but woods for a couple of miles around...

This kills me. I have a 76 year old co worker who uses to computer more than I thought he would, but everytime he sits down to log in and clock in, he thinks he needs to close every other program that is is use at that time. Well, I have 3-5 programs/tabs in use at the time and when I get up to do something, he will sit down at my desk and clear everything out before clocking in or out... It drives me nuts. I have had many conversations with him instructing him on how he doesn't need to do this, but he still does it anyway. It only causes me to be inconvenienced


crystal said...

Chris does the same thing. I'll ask him to look something up for me real quick and instead of opening a new tab he closes everything down and brings it all back up again and looses his place. STOOOOPID. I've told him 7 zillion times and he doesn't understand. He won't even put things in his favorties, he looks for them with google every single time. It's so aggervating to be married to the technologically retarded.

Anonymous said...

Tim Please tell your co worker that your parents felt the same way after they came for a visit the first time!!!!!!!!! Even now after about dozen times It would be NICE to be able to skip that last half hour that actually gets you to the 100 acre woods. Do you know that I have yet to drive the last half hour? Mom