Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just a clean red neck

Today was my day to find the yellow jackets nest. I only got stung three times. We were unloading the freshly cut locust posts into a pile when we needed to make a new one. well, the yellow jackets had a different idea. I say it was my turn, because Paul found one a week ago when we were shoveling manure around the barn. Before that I found one clearing out a path for the electric fence. that time I got stung about ten times no exaggeration.

So today we cut fence posts, then went over to where we keep the cows pastured and cleared trees that had fallen over the fence but not on the fence, we then continued to trim the trees above then fence about 100 yards or so. Steph and I planted the garden, and realized we didn't grow many potatoes in the tires just great dirt. I'm sure she will update you on that. After we were done with the trees, we went up to the other garden and finished picking the corn, we came out with 12 walmart bags. yeah, you read right 12. She is husking them now as I type.

The older three left with my mom and dad. Dad has his company picnic at Cedar Point Monday. I am jealous. Kellen is tall enough to ride the big rides now, and I wish I could go with him but I can't...I haven't been there since the top thrill dragster opened, and I didn't get to ride it because of maintenance..... We did go there when we were kids, I can remember the magnum was the tallest ride and we used to stay at a cheap hotel with a pool. It's one of those weird things you remember as a kid. Another example is Stephanie brought home a big jar of White House applesauce. When I first met my dad (step dad, long story) he kept cans of White house applesauce in his refrigerator.

This post is sponsored by acne treatments.After all that talk about being a kid, I might break out again...With that, I took a shower at 10pm and came out a clean red neck, not a dirty one. I got a little sun today too.


mom said...

Hey son they were not cheap hotels!! Also you left out that before we got to the "cheap" hotel we would either go to the zoo or the Indians game. I do not remember dad have cans of white house applesauce but I am sure he did. Maybe next year you can go to Cedar Point. Love you.

crystal said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. Last month Chris and I got into the yellow jackets. We both got it about a dozen times. It's never the sting really, it's the itch later! I hope you put some meat tenderizer on those!

Kokopelli said...

Might wanna get some sunblock before Mandy reads this. At times its best to say "yes, ma'am" and just go do it. Looks like you're having fun, though.