Saturday, August 23, 2008


Don't expect much posting from me lately. I am starting up the beginner rental season and this week alone I am working Mon Tues Thurs Fri and Sat besides my regular schedule. Yes, it is that busy until the end of September, I didn't slow down until December last year. I am however twittering away it is easy to send a text and keep you up to date rather than sit and take time to blog typing out this long post. You can always email me to talk to my mother has found the internet and it has been easy to catch up on things that way. Need acne creams ? I don't need these any more, I never used them to begin with.

So yeah, chicken. Paul and I were clearing away brush for a lane in the pasture. We then took the tractor to push the brush out of the way, well we couldn't see, and the right front tire went over the edge and took the rest of the tractor with it. The tractor didn't fall entirely over the edge, the rear right tire was holding it up out of the heaping pile of brush it would be landing in soon. So after lunch we took the big tractor over and began to pull it out. Paul wanted me to get on the little tractor (it is small, weighing in at 4 ton) I said, uh no thanks, ( there's the chicken part, he didn't call me a chicken, he didn't want to get in there either) I don't want to go over with it. So sure enough, when he tried to pull it out the first time it went right over, not completely on it side though. After that I was able to ride it out and we then successfully got it out of the pile o' brush. It may not sound like it but I was pretty scared. oh while we were getting that out, the cows got out of the new pasture we were working on to get patched up so we then had to get them back in and start fixing fence, the thing we were there to do in the first place....It is always an exciting day working on the farm.

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