Thursday, July 3, 2008

work is picking up

Today I went to see a teacher about the start of the next year. That only means one thing. It is about to get crazy and stay there until January. When one Band director wants to see you, then all the other will be calling soon, and then it all spirals from there. Band camps will be starting, then rental meetings then Christmas it is just that fast. There are about four band director changes that have happened in the summer, that is a good thing all the Band directors that are coming in are really good and should succeed right away.

Notice anything diffrent? I am adding things along the way. The Entrecards have been adding to my traffic. I have also started to comment more when I stop by somewhere.

My biological dad came up to visit yesterday. We gave him the $1.00 tour of the farm and ate dinner at Hillbilly Hotdogs. It was nice. PayU2Blog has given me a variation of colon cleanser three times in the the last three months! This isn't really a popular subject in my blog until they showed up. I was at the restore in huntington and I had to go really bad and I tried to call Stephanie about some ceiling fans and I was snippy, because I was waiting for her to call me back and I had to go, and she didn't want them, and I had to go and.. well, you get the point.

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