Saturday, July 26, 2008

The week is almost finished

Kellen has had a good week at the fair, He received a blue ribbon for showmanship, and he placed 6th out of 12 for market rabbit. The judge had a very hard time deciding between 3rd-6th, he took a lot of time. Kellen was disappointed at first but got over it quickly. He said he was happy wth his placings. Last night at the market auction he brought in $125 I think. I was soo tired last night. He even hinted that 4H isn't so bad, and he might be doing it next year. (he told us he doesn't want to do it again next year before the fair)the company who bought the rabbits gave it back to be resold, so Kellen can keep them if he wishes. We were there until midnight last night. They had pizza and pop after the fair closed at 11p. We were there to be resold anyway, so we stayed. I slept in this morning until 8am. Today I am working, and then I will meet everyone there. The fair closes at 11pm and we have to stay until the fair closes to tear everything down, so it will be another long night.

I have been behind this week because of my work van being in the shop. the rear wheel bearing was gone,( not gone just worn out.) and the right front axle neede replaced. I took it in last friday (the 18th), told them exactly what needed done, they called me back that day, telling me that I was right. The service manager said he didn't have the parts in that he needed, and that they (the dealer) didn't like to use after market parts on this repair because he has some trouble in the past. ( translation: your a business and we need to make more money here.) I didn't mind that because it is the work van, etc. Sometime the dealer parts are better. They said it would be done Tuesday or Weds. I call Weds after noon, the parts were not in yet. He said Thursday morning it would be done by noon. It would happen that Thursday is the day I planned to be out on the road because the van was in the shop. Thursday morning, the dealer calls me and says they recieved the wrong part, and that they would just get it from NAPA. That would be aftermarket parts... I would have had the van much earlier. People wonder why I will just do it myself. I ended up leaving much later than expected, and working Friday day instead of just half. Not taking the days off that I could have because I work on Saturday.

Another note, I borrowed Ted's van to go sell stuff, and brought it home. I know Ted is not very mechanically inclined, so I thought I would check his van out and make sure there in nothing wrong. While driving it, I heard a rattling noise that sounded like a belt tensioner pulley. I need to check fluids to, because Ted ,admittedly, does not do this. Here is the list of things I had to do:

  • So Friday morning I go to open the hood and the latch is rusted shut. The cable pulls but the hood doesn't pop up. After I got the hood opened:
  • ALL the fluids were low brake fluid, oil, Transmission fluid, antifreeze, power steering
  • I added 3 quarts of oil ( this should never be this low...)
  • replaced two hoses
  • Checked the PCV valve ( that was the rattle)
  • fixed the cruise control ( He said he couldn't remember the last time it worked)
  • filled the tires to the right lbs
  • I would have checked the AC pressure ( because it lost cool for a while) but I didn't have time.
  • The serpentine belt need replaced, but I didn't have one there, and it is easier to replace with two people. I'll do it later (or when it brakes)
It only took me an hour. I was happy to help out. Ted, thought I was a genius, I said it is nice to have the right tools. Having me service the vans is much cheaper for George then the dealers...I told him I am driving his van home once a month....
Maybe I can cure mesothelioma while I'm at it.

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