Wednesday, July 16, 2008

twittering again.

I figured out how to text my twits, so I am doing that again. You can follow me if you want. I am getting busy at work now so I may resort to twitting form now on. So much happens, and there is not enough time to write it all down.

Last week end you may remember I stayed at home with the two youngest ones whilst my beloved took the two oldest to Kings Island. We had a good time. I worked and got spoiled by papaw as well as the kids. We had shrimp and steak for dinner one night. I stayed up late and played a lot of Zelda: the ocarina of time. I watched some movies as well. (28 days later)

We got the lamb back from the butcher last week as well. It must be the whole raising your own food, because this tasted exquisite. We had lamb chops ( on the grill) the first night, and it was tender, pulled right off the bone. The next meal ( I think a week later) we had some of the ground up meat(do you call it lamburger?) on the grill again. Stephanie said all she did was add salt and pepper to it and grill. I did not use any condiments at all it was that good. I could on but then you would start to get jealous.

We started building the pig house. Paul and I dug post holes, and set the posts (12 6x6x12) this morning. We hope to get it usable by the time they have their piglets. I think that all for now. Here is another funny/scary/crazy video:


Mandy said...

I've tried to watch 28 Days a couple of times now but I keep falling asleep. Jason did watch it all and he liked it!

Heather said...

Lamburger! HA!!! I like that one!