Friday, July 11, 2008

forgot this too

I have to help finish the white van (radiator,heater hoses, and a valve) the Subaru needs some rust removed and I am picking up a gasket for the exhaust that has been leaking since we went on vacation.

Did you know people sell Miele vacuums just because they do a good job (so they say) filtering the air you breathe? A while back, I am trying to remember when I will by the time I get done typing this, we bought a vacuum for more then the disposable ones you find at the big box Walmart.
We had a salesman come and demo it at the house (we lived in Fredericksburg, 1998-2000. I remember now.) I think the price was $1200 ish. We didn't buy it then. we did some more research, and ending up buying a used demo off ebay for $280. I though back then it was a lot of money to spend on a vacuum, but we still have it, and it works great. I have only ordered and replaced one part. and I was able to order it directly from the factory for a lower price, because we live in the middle of nowhere there is no dealer around. If you are thinking about buying a vacuum, then do your reasearch and buy the one that is going to fit your needs and budget in the long run as well.

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Jake said...

We bought a Dyson vacuum a few years ago. I couldn't believe that we spent so much money on the vacuum, it has held up well though. Hopefully it will the last that we buy. I guess when buying things you have to look at more than the immediate cost of it. If you can buy cheaper but it might cost more in the long run.