Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Alone for the weekend again....sort of.

So it seems that my wife is going to go to Kings Island with my MIL and two oldest and my niece and nephew. Leaving me with papaw Nolan and Vivian. That's not a bad deal. I do have have to pick beans, however, and that I can do. what should I do with all my alone time? I think, maybe I'll write a song or two. I am surprised at that too. We will see. the guitar has been calling me for a couple days now, and I can't really do anything with it with Vivian playing it instead of me.

Here is a dark knight trailer superimposed with the office video.I thought it was pretty impressive. I have only seen snippets of the office, so I didn't get any jokes(if there were any) but I thought it was well done.

If you didn't notice the box score this morning CC Sabathia. He Won. Surprise.

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