Monday, June 30, 2008

Moving weekend

We spent the weekend moving my brother and sister-in law (make that favorite sister in law now) only five houses down and around the corner. It was easier than moving across town. Paul and I went up on Friday morning to get a head start, and then Steph, Linda and the rest of the kids, came up Saturday morning and met us at the Hosteler (do you know how many ways they spell that?) reunion. I had a good time there were people there I knew and people there that knew me but I had no clue. that is the way it is with family reunions right? There were a couple people there that said " I know you. You are Gail's ( my mom) oldest aren't you? My mom works as the lunch lady at the elementary school I went to. Everybody know everybody. They also had a local singer come and preform for us. When he was tuning, I turned to Steph and said, watch, he is going to be an Mennonite Johnny Cash. Sure enough, (he even goes to a Mennonite church) he played in that style. You can hear ring of fire going through your head right now. I liked him. He told stories I didn't know about the town where I grew up, and gave me more insight to the culture I married into, sort of. ok not really. My in laws came from an amish background, they are not really amish.

After the reunion, I traveled to my cousins house spent some quality time there finishing up the movie O' brother where art thou? and then headed to my mother's house to drop off the kiddies (except Vivian) to spend the rest of the week with her.

Came back to the farm with animals crying, and rabbits that need to be butchered, and a lamb that needs the axe too. Can anyone pronounce Quinceanera invitations let alone send them out?


Bucky said...

O' Brother Where Art Thou = Greatest.Movie.Evar.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

bucky-you are in good company.

Jake said...

Thanks for the help over the weekend

delilah said...

So, how/why did I earn the honor of being your favorite sister in law? Was it something I did or was it by default? Thanks for the help this weekend. I hope you recovered okay.