Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jake's Friend the movie star

Jake has this friend who moved out to LA to be an actor, and he has gotten pretty good at it. He has been in some roles here and there (studio 60, Driftwood) and there and in a lot of commercials. Nate is now in the movie Get Smart that comes out June 20th. He is also just finished filming the spin off called GS:Get Bruce and Lloyd. He stars in it with the Japanese guy from Heroes. if you remember that show, which I liked but I didn't like the fact that is was drug out every week. I just wanted it to be a movie and watch the entire thing at once. I should just wait that buy the entire season with out commercials I guess.

I found some photos and some commercials that Nate was in and I think there is an unofficial Nate fan web site. I think this is his agent as well, (he is on the front page listed with their accomplishments.)

The guy is probably thinking he has got a following now.. or that there is some seriously troubled people in this world that have too much time on their hands.

Here is a link I can't embed.

Here he is in a trailer. and by the looks of the trailer, I might have to drag Stephanie to see it in the theater...yes, dear.

He's in this one as well. ok, I am finished. I really am not obsessive, just able to find out a lot of thing on the internet...

On a completely different and unrelated note, tonight I am going to eat at the Olive Garden and after I eat all those bread sticks, I will have to take the best diet pill on the market. I look forward to it. the dinner, not the pill.

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