Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sallie Mae can go to Hell.

I know that was kind of harsh and probably offensive to some, but that is how I feel. You would not believe (maybe you you can) the hassle I have had to go through just to get two papers approved. I have been trying to get this through since last November, and it finally went through last week. I have not experienced good customer service from many people in a long while. I am usually pretty critical of service oriented businesses, i.e. restaurants, car sales, insurance agents. as a result. That also helps me in my job, because service is so critical to my success. Enough ranting. I hate student loans.

The fence is coming along. We unrolled a bunch of fence this morning and it is starting to look like a real fence. Our two new goats are the cutest things I have ever seen. I had to check to see if their boys ( his man hood) were both there, and if their teeth were correct.

Here is an absolute waste of paper.

Here is a link for Branson homes for sale

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