Friday, April 18, 2008

G.I. Joe?

I heard about the GI Joe movie coming out. Earlier, but I hadn't seen or heard anything else for a long time. I did come across this poster from the internet poster awards. I remember watching G.I. Joe when I was a kid, the only thing that makes me hesitant to go see this movie is that in this world of politically correct, it isn't going to be as good(violent) as it should be. The real life figures are astonishing though. Check this out.

This is snake eyes if you don't recognize him. he is played by Ray Park, who played Toad in X-Men, and Darth Maul in the first Star Wars: Phantom Menace. It looks interesting, but I will rent it, if I can get away with it. I am still trying to convince Stephanie to start making my t-shirts is that ever going to happen dear?


Michael Aulia said...

HEY! This is cool! I remember playing G.I Joe figures when I was a it's like 15 years ago? lol

Hope this movie is good

crystal said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tim and Mitch. Imeant to tell you Sunday during our visit! Hope your trip home was o.k.Great to see everyone!Love Aunt Sis!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Tim! Hope you had a good birthday visit!

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday, Tim!