Saturday, April 12, 2008

Again in West Virginia

I took my new van in to get an alignment, and it needed new outer tie rod ends. you can't get the alignment with out good tie rod ends. When arriving to Advance Auto, there was a guy in the parking lot changing his front strut. Does seem odd to anyone else but me? Changing a strut takes time and tools, he was in the parking lot changing this. Did have all the tools in the trunk? He must have. When I pulled up he had the strut out and the spring compacted to replace. I have never seen this before and thought man that's a lot of work to do right there at the store. With all the mistakes that I have made doing that, I would have never attempted to change it there at the store.

How do I put hoodia in this post really? (I couldn't fit it in last on either.)

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