Friday, March 14, 2008

More comics

I have to say, I am either intrigued or appalled by the fact that Hollywood can't come up with anything original. How many civil war movies came out at one time? How many westerns about Wyatt Earp? or iRobot, or A.I.? I am only 32 years old, and it seems that the older I get, the worst Hollywood gets. I think I am old fashioned that's all. Don't get me wrong. I like movies. I like them like the average man in America likes them. When I am in Wal-mart or any other store that carries TVs, I stand and stare. For a long time. I have a friend who own a 50 inch flat HDTV. I play on his Wii all the time now. I am not totally against the TV, yet.

All that to say that the trailer for The Incredible Hulk has come out. It stars Ed Norton (with whom I would be infatuated with if I were born a woman) and Liv Tyler (who I think is pretty, ok a little more than pretty), and there's the William hurt character (always a scientist or army general.) I am surprised that Danny Elfman isn't the composer for this film, that would top it all off as a classic comic turned movie. From watching the trailer, I wasn't that impressed. I like the CGI, but the trailer doesn't tell you that Bruce Banner has too much of a dilemma inside. It just didn't set right with me. Looking at the CGI, good Ol' Bruce needs some antioxidants. Try blueberries. Stephanie likes them. No she loves them, adores them.

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