Thursday, March 27, 2008

It was a nice day, yesterday.

Yesterday I trimmed Bernice's hooves and gave her the LA-200 shot for the hoof rot that was giving her trouble. I was using a big pair of horse hoof clippers because we didn't have smaller clippers to do the job. It was hard to do. so I went and picked up a smaller pair that were made for sheep and goats. Since I have 5 goats (soon more) and four sheep, I thought it was worth it.

Today it has rained since before I got up. I had to drive in it all morning. Enough complaining though. The rain has stopped about 3:00 pm EST.The good news is that I picked up my shoes from the repair shop and they look sweet! Practically brand new.

Here are some pictures:

I gave him my work boots as well. They don't have a single ridge of traction on them, and for $40 I can have them in good shape. I should have taken before and after pictures of them, because they were in as bad shape as my wing tips were. so I will have a nice pair of black shoes again for $34, and a nice pair of work boots for the farm for $40 . I now need to shop camping gear to pick out my hiking boots for the summer. My old pair gave up the ghost last summer. I still need to pick out a new pair.

Stephanie and I watched I am legend last night. I thought it was decent. I read the short story before and the movie is nothing like the story. It was written in 1954 by Richard Matheson. This Wikipedia article give you a nice overview of the book with loading you down with too much useless trivia. I think 300 is up for tonight. Can you tell that I had updated the queue so I had my movies while the rest of them were on vacation?

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