Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I am leaving for Cincinnati today to go to a teacher conference this weekend, without the family. Now, my wife says that I am spoiled, I say that I am working. The fact that I am staying at the Hilton downtown has nothing to do with the fact the I'm working. I have to stand at a booth for 10 hours, then go eat and then go to bed, then wake up and stand again until Saturday morning I will then pack up and leave. I may use my Bose headphones and keep to myself, but not really, I don't own a pair they are too expensive.


Stephanie said...

"go eat and then go to bed"
as if you are picking up fast food and heading back to the room. HA!

You neglect to mention that room service, fine dining and schmoozing are on the agenda everyday.

Enjoy it! Love you!

crystal said...

Hey, I've stayed there! I loved the architexture. I'm a sucker for Art Deco tho.
I think you're a lucky dog, work or not. I could use a change of pace right now even if I did have to work. Bah.