Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I really think they should put at the bottom of the political ads and news reports: "for entertainment only." and everyone should have on funny t-shirts that promote their person. I am tired of hearing about this and about that, and all three of the candidates It is really snowing outside. I came across the twitter site. Should I join that too? or should I refrain from the voyeurism that is our internet culture? i.e. myspace, facebook, technoati, etc, etc

One of our goats is MIA, Kellen and I looked for it last night until dark, and then I looked again this morning, no signs of anything. It would be nice to know what has happens, we have 6 and they all hang out together but his one stayed back some how. Hopefully we will find out what has happened.

It has been nice to see Ryan Newman's face everywhere after winning the Daytona 500. I was surprised to see that he won it. I listened to a little bit of it on the way home from Washington court house.

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