Friday, February 1, 2008

Fridays are boring.

On Fridays I am in the office and I sit for the most part. This is where I do most of my computer work. Ok, you can call it what ever you want I have somethings ou can see. Here is a video from the discovery channel I found fascinating, and scary. I don't watch much TV and this might be why. I found the medical tech exciting, but the invasion of privacy scary. The part at the end where the Dr. will not happen Dr.s don't care now, why would the care 50 years from now. ( I know a general statement, but I can picture myself in 2057 ( I'll be almost 82 years old by then) sitting in my house with a shot gun from the turn of the 20th century waiting for some one to come and test me to see what I am going to do. We'll see. I can picture Nolan yelling at me to calm down...
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