Tuesday, February 12, 2008

back from the trip

I came home to a sick family over the weekend. Stephanie is just getting over it today. Nolan is a bit grumpy, but I think he will be ok. Kellen was up a lot through out the night and continues to get up the last couple. Vivian is also sleeping a lot as well, so she wakes up an hour after I fall asleep needing a diaper change and to eat something.

My trip was nice, but I did work a lot. I did got out to eat at some nice restaurants. Met another band director who insisted that I come see him on a regular basis. My hotel had the regular set of exercise equipment that I could use, but I didn't, because I was working.

I got home to see the lambs and they are really cute! They are doing well, both of the chicks that hatched out last week are doing well too. We continue to put up more fence to extend the pasture for the goats and Ram and pigs, but the more fence we put up, the more goats get out... We will figure out something.

We had a snow day today. all of my schools were canceled so I am in the office again today. I am getting things done that needed to be done here but I have had the time to see them through. I am setting up a drum set right now.

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