Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cavs and Kidd?

I still follow the Cleveland Teams even though I don't live in sunny Northeast Ohio now. I was listening to ESPNradio the other day when they said the Jason Kidd was asking to be traded again. My first thought was that would be nice to pair up with LeBron, but it ain't going to happen, it's to complicated and Danny Ferry is pretty tight the last time I checked. BUT I would not be disappointed if it did. The problem would be that NJ wants an arm and a leg, and the cavs are paying very well with what they have so again, I would be surprised. All that is said here by the reputable Brian Windhorst. Who has nothing to do with real estate.


delilah said...

Last night during the game they were saying how good of friends Lebron & Kidd had become over the summer. I would NOT be surprised at all if he ended up in Cleveland. It seems like what Lebron wants he gets and I'm thinking that is what is going to happen. Just my thought.

Jake said...

Kidd won't becoming to Cleveland. Because Cleveland wouldn't want to lose any of the up and coming talent.