Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We have two cats....

So we were sitting watching law and Order SVU last night, and I hear this scratching, something like my dog tapping the glass door wanting in. It was getting cold outside, but our dog rarely does that. So I go open the door to check, and no one is there. The scratching has stopped so I assume it is a mouse or something. After I sit down, the scratching starts again, Stephanie gives me the look that says "you better find out what that is, because I am not going to sleep knowing that something big is in our house."We narrow the sound down to a heat vent and I take it off to find one of our cats looking up at me. That's right there was a cat in our heating system, we have a heat pump that goes through what I call worm holes (nice Star trek reference) that connects to the heat vents. One of them came apart and the cat got into it and could not find its way out. So it was 11:00PM and I was crawling under the house in my crawlspace ( another note, why is it that the tallest person in the house has to crawl in the smallest place on the farm?) I took the vent apart that the cat was in, and left it alone until this morning where I crawled back underneath and fixed all three of the worm holes that were not attached to the vents.

I come out and the fence needed some attention as well. While working on the fence Kellen yells out "There are some rabbits out of the their hutch!" This morning just happens to be the first real snow of the season and guess what color my rabbits are? yes. You're right. they are all white. So I round them up as well, and get every one back to their homes and just have enough time to eat my four pieces of French toast with cream cheese, and syrup ( again why am I not 350 lbs?) and get to work 15 minutes late.

Kellen posted today and I laughed out loud. You have to know what he is like to get some of it, but it is funny in a 9 year old way. btw, isn't my wife good looking?

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