Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A little house

Someday we will build here. Not sure when that someday will be, but it will happen. It is fun to dream about what our new house will be like. We know we want to build an earth bermed house, a mud room and a large pantry are essential, but beyond that we go back and forth about the house. Should it be substantially larger than what we have now or just slightly larger?

Our current house is fairly small, especially when you consider there are six people living here. The bathrooms don't have closets, but they do have largebathroom vanities and that has worked out ok. The kids share rooms, and we like it that way. Both the kids rooms have good sized closets. Our bedroom is good sized and would be adequate if we didn't store so much stuff in there. Really overall the living space in this house is good, but what we need is another room for things like Christmas decorations, canning equipment, off season clothes and other things like that. Of course, by the time we actually build a house, we may not need all the bedrooms that we have now. . .

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