Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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I could give you a bunch of links from Phelan and others that I am reading now. If you go to their pages you will be able to navigate them easily. If enough people are educated on NAIS, they will be able to see how much it is going to affect them We live in a society now that has such a big government that regular people don't pay enough attention to what is happening in Washington.
I know I don't pay enough attention and I probably wouldn't if there wasn't an election coming up, btw, why in the heck did they move up all the primaries? Nobody has answered the question... The election is still going on November 4th 2008, right?It is still 320 days away for crying out loud. Nobody's going to decide to move it up? So back to my point nobody pays attention to what is going on. and really if it were up to me I think I would be hiding out in my hills of West Virginia with all my guns waiting for something to happen, but I have to pay my bills. ok I am starting to sound like some militia starting Waco freak.

I did listen to Ron Paul who was on The Glenn Beck Show the last night and I think I agree with most of what he is saying , but I don't think the guy has a snowball's chance of taking anyone. We can see how the Primaries turn out. I'd be surprised it I were wrong, but then again, I'm used to being wrong so It won't hurt my feelings. With that I am off to the dentist for a cleaning. Wo0 Hoo.


Phelan said...

The primaries have been moved up so that people like Ron Paul will be unable to get a good momentum going. giggle, I don't know, seems silly to me.

Mommymommyland has a NAIS youtube vid posted.

Go watch it for me will ya? My pc hates youtube.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Phelan>That's a good point about the Ron Paul. But then wouldn't you think that the public would get election burnout real quick? I almost have it already. The last however many months those guys have been at it have been worthless. They haven't really said anything of importance at all until this month, and I still don't really know what is going on... So why would the waste their time and money to say nothing. and then why would Fred Thompson wait until September to join in the fun? He must be one cocky son of a gun. That and have a lot of a cash that will carry them far. Again the primaries will tell us some more. Stephanie is not interested at all yet, will see. You bet I 'll go watch that video. My pc at home slower then molasses as well, I do all my computer work at the office where it is lighting speed.

crystal said...

I've read on NAIS before and signed the petition. It's just proposturous.
The short answer to the primary question is that it's still in May but the early primary selection dates start early to allow all of the candidates time to cater to each market individually. The WV primary selection (which is not an open voting day, it's for delegates only) is in February. I believe some states are as early as Janruary. This only narrows down the playing field.
Fred. Yup, he's cocky alright. This is the way that he has run all of his campaigns to date. He's not lost one yet, so I going to have to just trust him on this one!
You're right about Ron Paul. If he wasn't a weasly looking,(and sounding) whack job, he'd have my vote. I agree with 90% of what he's saying. He's just way to "out there" for me. I was a registered Libertarian until the day that Fred through his hat in the ring. I think he has the best chance of beating Pantsuit1 or B.H.Obama.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Nice delegate jab you got in have fun. You can tell me all about it.

crystal said...

I'm not plugging! HONESTLY! (-:
But seriously, I have run across quite a few folks that are under the impression that the first selection is an open vote.