Saturday, December 22, 2007

The killing continues

Yesterday I had the day off, so I found some things to do. I butchered 3 roosters, 3 rabbits and 1 duck. I really felt sorry for the duck he was really pretty and I liked him a lot. But it was a he, not a she, so the other drake( the daddy) didn't really like him too much. we culled(killed them) the roosters so we are now down to just one the can service the other 12 hens we now have. We are going to eat the duck tonight, so every one that is over has the chance to taste it. I have included some pictures here if you want to see the bloody mess, then click here. Don't click if you don't want to see blood.

Here are the roosters.

Here I am with the duck. Pretty isn't he? Too bad I killed him. My eyes look really blue in this picture for some reason. maybe they turn blue when I am killing things...

I then walked the fence to find the problems that were shorting it out. There were two places where fairly big logs had fallen on it, so I took care of that, and then I helped Paul with the tractor.

We then watched Shrek the Third last night. I thought it was ok for a third movie. It had some funny parts and I could spot the movie take offs as well. I laughed pretty hard some places.

Today I am in the office I should be looking for gifts for girls because one of my three girls still needs a present. I'm sure I will get something. Check out the human calendar every day everyone on there is looking at today's date. I thought this was cool.

There is more NAIS talk around the web, I get a lot of it in my mailbox daily. Almost too much to digest at one time. Have a nice Christmas week. I probably won't post until next week then.


crystal said...

I literally laughed out loud when I saw the bloody picture. No, I'm not sick in the head. It's because I think I have the other half of that shot in the woods behind my house!

Phelan said...

We did our 2 ducks because they were male and we had no females. They were killing the hens. We will try ducks again, at a later date.

Yes, you can get a lot of NAIS info. I try to condense it and post only the relevent stuff. Google alerts will also send you NAIS school stuff, so read carefully, otherwise you might think they are tagging children (not yet)

Have a good trip!