Wednesday, November 14, 2007

the unending rental season

I have been renting horns since the last week in August. It usually wraps up about the first week in October, and everyone is happy. For me, however, I am still renting horns it is almost Thanksgiving.... While I should be thankful that I am still renting horns, because my paycheck has seen the boost from it, it is getting old. I am still working long hours at the store and I am not seeing any relief from it in the near future. I tried to come home after band (5:30)on Monday but I didn't get out of the office until 7:00pm again. I start off the Week waking up at 5 am leaving the house at 6am and not getting home until 7pm. It slows down gradually during the week, but I am still struggling to leave work at a decent time. I feel as if I have written about this before, I could go check, but I am too lazy right now. I do get to read blogs on a daily basis, but I do not get to post daily like I want to. I do remember saying that I can't remember what I want to post about when I get to a computer anyway, so it really doesn't matter. I know that when I am working at the office more, less is getting down around the farm. That's not good. I do what needs to get done, but I don't feel like I am contributing much. Most of it gets left undone until it needs done that day before or something like that. I haven't got to go out hunting as much as I wanted to either, that's is the biggest downer. I got one the first day out and that has been it. I will be getting more soon I promise.

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