Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I Hate the Check Out Line

I hate going through the check out line at Wal Mart or at the grocery store. No, it isn't the candy bars and pop calling my name. I rarely even notice them. It isn't the dread of the the amount of cash I'm going to have to fork over for a piddly amount of things in my cart. When the kids are with me it is rather annoying all the little gizmos and things at eye level to the kids. They want to play with them and the cashier looks at me like "Can't you control your kids?" Well DUH if you don't want to them to play with them don't put them there! But even that is not why I hate the check out line. I hate all the gossip magazines. This star is leaving their spouse. This couple is fighting over their kids. A judge is ordering this one to check into drug rehabs, and another admits to using all sorts of drugs. I don't need to know all this about people I don't even know! But what I really hate is that I can't keep eyes off it. I don't pick them up and actually read them, but I do find myself staring at the covers the whole time I'm in line. Ugh!

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